4th of July

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!! It doesn’t seem it should be here already because our last couple of weeks have been a blur. Our summer has had a lot of travel already, which is unusual for us. One trip to Grand Forks, one trip to Keyport, and multiple baseball games. All that behind us now, I think things will slow down a bit. It’s been hard for Jon to even keep the grass mowed with so much running around. We still have a wedding, an anniversary, and a shower coming up soon…then in August a MOST IMPORTANT baby shower!!!!

We had an unpleasant surprise after coming home from NJ. We had a little water seepage in the basement again, and today we discovered that we have a fairly major plumbing issue down there that will require a pro. Yuck. Hopefully, by next weekend everything will be put back in working order. The good news is that only our kitchen sink and dishwasher are out of commission…I can handle that! We’re eating on plastic now!!

Tomorrow Greg and Megan will be coming in the morning and staying until Monday morning. Tabbi and the boys will be over part of the day, as well. Trever has been working hard this week trying to reroof their house, so we’re praying the rain will stay away and let him keep going!! Jon is on call this week, so who knows how busy he may be! So far, it’s been completely quiet, but that can change.

I need to get back to work…more cleaning and some food items to get ready. Wishing you all a safe and fun 4th of July!!!!!!

Thought for the day

There are no answers for some things this side of heaven. That doesn’t stop us from asking the questions, however. How, why, why not???? When the only explanation we can see puts God in an uncaring light, we can be sure that we don’t see the whole picture. But knowing that doesn’t take away the pain and uncertainty. How do we grapple with the big question that no one wants to ask…the question of how can we go on trusting God when the unthinkable has happened? How do we not be afraid of Him? I don’t have the answer, and I’m thinking that the only ones that actually can answer are the ones who’ve faced, experienced, and walked through a great tragedy. I am humbled in the presence of that kind of suffering and courage. God’s grace on each of you.

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