Fall and spring house-cleanings are regular events I grew up with.  The drapes come down and are washed or run through the dryer; the windows are taken apart and cleaned; ceiling fans (all of them this time) are dusted and shined; beds are completely stripped down and deep cleaned; furniture that can’t be moved is […]


Jon is on call this week, but has been call-free all weekend. We had no big plans, and that worked out well. Saturday I did some cleaning, baked cookies, did a little laundry. Today Tabbi and the boys came over for church and groceries, and I finished cleaning this afternoon. Jon spent a couple of […]

Pray for the Week Ahead!

Today we were home all day…well, I was. Jon went over to the shop for the afternoon. He’s still working on trying to put in a remote start on the Suzuki. He has a ton of hours in it…so wishes he had hired it done. I cleaned, baked, and listened to lots of great music. […]