Big Weekend Coming

Big weekend ahead! All the Holthe’s, some Melby’s, and one Culver (with extras) are coming for Megan’s baby shower on Saturday. Greg will be home recovering, Trever working, and Jon and Jon will go visit Ron in the hospital. But we girls and children will be partying! Short but sweet…will be quiet again on Sunday.

Good Weekend

We had a fun weekend. We kept Tre and Tru overnight Friday night and spent some time with Tabbi here on Saturday then went to Brandon’s graduation party Saturday night. Today we went to church and I cleaned house and did laundry while Jon finished a wiring job. Then we went to Elizabeth’s then Rob’s […]


Jon is on call this week, but has been call-free all weekend. We had no big plans, and that worked out well. Saturday I did some cleaning, baked cookies, did a little laundry. Today Tabbi and the boys came over for church and groceries, and I finished cleaning this afternoon. Jon spent a couple of […]

Weekend Plans

Hi there…just checking in. Jon worked at the farm till 10:30 tonight so he got home the same time Greg and Megan got here from Des Moines. She has to drive back to work in the morning and then come back and Tabbi and crew will be over on Sunday for Thanksgiving. So tomorrow I […]

Keep Praying

I think we have a pretty quiet weekend ahead. We went out to eat at Victoria Station tonight and came back home so Jon could do some GPS work. I’m planning on spending a little time on the treadmill when I’m done here. Tomorrow by afternoon he’ll probably be helping with combining again. All week […]


Jon was called out again last night from 10:00 till about 12:45 a.m. We went to church; Megan left around 8:30; Tabbi and boys came before noon till about 5:00. The boys spent most of the time outside riding their bikes as you can see. Talked to Kelli and both Bria and Emmy earlier. About […]