Jon was called out again last night from 10:00 till about 12:45 a.m. We went to church; Megan left around 8:30; Tabbi and boys came before noon till about 5:00. The boys spent most of the time outside riding their bikes as you can see. Talked to Kelli and both Bria and Emmy earlier. About 5:30 Jon got called out again, soo…..we’ll see what the rest of the evening brings. What beautiful weather we’ve had this whole week. There’s supposed to be rain coming this week, but that’s okay, too.
I hope all of you have had a great weekend with a great week ahead. Me, I’m going to try to remember to not work from my own strength but to rest in Christ and let Him do what He wants when He wants to do it.
Thought for the day
I hope that the life and love of Christ Himself will be seen through me and that I will know His fellowship also in the “sufferings”. Whatever I see in my life as “suffering” (which is generally something pretty lame), let me realize that as a point of fellowship with Him in the sufferings He endured.

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Looks like fun! We have some rain and nice temps the first part of the week. . . highs of 45 for the end of the week . . . . it’s time for the cold weather to start moving in I guess!kelli


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