My Favorite Job

This is Jon’s call week…he takes every 5th week from Friday 7:30 a.m. till the following Friday at 7:30 a.m. This morning he went in an hour early, and he’s still working now at 7:30 heading to the 3rd call since just before 4:00 this afternoon. The weather has been perfect all day…there is sometimes no rhyme or reason to having lots of calls. Eventually he’ll get to eat supper and hopefully sleep…he should be tired. Megan is working tonight and will come here either after work or in the morning until Sunday morning. Tabbi and clan will probably be here sometime this weekend, too. Lots of ins and outs…I’ll just be here…feeding, hugging, washing clothes, letting Logan in and out…church on Sunday. I like being here taking care of them…it’s always been my best job, and I’m glad to still get to do a little of it when I can. It’s like being “retired” and still getting to go to work when and if you want to. I’m sure this is the only job I’ve ever had that I will always want to do. Thanks, everybody, for keeping me semi-employed!!

Time for feedback!! What was your favorite job?

Thought for the day

Father, forgive me for complaining about my job, forgetting my true purpose to know You in the midst of every circumstance. Help me to see my work the way You do.

My child, I am with you every moment of every day even in the midst of the most unlikely surroundings. I have blessed you with the opportunity to do what you love…love, be with, care for, support your family in every way you can. Some of that provision comes through your work, but more than that, walking through some of those frustrations can help you to know Me in new ways and on a deeper level than you have before now. I am the highest goal of your heart. Some days you wonder if that’s really true, but I am the keeper of your heart. Even on a day when you question your own heart I am holding you true by the power of My blood and my life.
You are in the place where I can give you what you want most…knowing Me more. The side benefit is that you REALLY appreciate the parts of your life that are more enjoyable to you. Go ahead, enjoy what you love, then let Me fill even the other parts with Myself and bring you closer to Me. I am making you into all that I created you for, and in the outflow others will be blessed as well.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Job

  1. Favorite job. . . . besides cuddling with my kiddos?. . .. that would have to be being mom. . . I have a feeling I am missing out on some spoiling this weekend. . . drat the 8-hour drive!


  2. It may seem odd, but 15 hour work days seem longer than they did 30 years ago…Let’s see, favorite job. That one’s easy. Husband, father, lover, friend. (You knew we were just friends, right?)Only job I’ve ever had that I’ve never once considered quitting or had thoughts that there could be a better one available… Thanks for the memories!Love ya’llDad, Grandpa, Jon


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