Purse Freak

Wow, the Cubs and America’s Got Talent on the same night!! Go Cubs!! Jon will soon be home for supper, and I may have to take a break from this, but for now….It’s the first of the month again at work and that means time to print and send statements…about a 2 day process, then a couple of more days at least to get caught back up with regular work. This next month will be the craziest of the year for me at work with corn harvest, but if I’m going to be at work I’d rather be busy than not. At home I’m just fine with free time!!!
Okay, if you’re my daughter you already know this. I’m a certifiable purse freak. I don’t spend much on a purse, but getting a new purse is one of my surest picker-uppers. This is my latest addition. It was $10.00 off to start with making it the perfect price to give me free shipping on something I was ordering anyway, so it ended up being a very practical choice and I LIKE IT!!
Thought for the day
Sleep was a good thing, and I hope that all of you get the rest you need tonight. My most trusted pastor, Doc, has said that sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is get 10 hours of sleep. I’m pretty sure that my back would get sore and force me out of bed before 10 hours were over, but I get it. Putting the emphasis of our life on the side of knowing, loving, and serving Christ does not make us less human. We are never meant to ignore the physical needs of our body… nourishment, sleep, exercise, or caring for a particular health need. Neither should we let these things dominate our time or attention. It can be a delicate balance that could paralyze us, but we must rest in knowing that He remembers our frame, He knows that we are dust. He knows we need to meet these needs and can help us do it in a balanced, healthful, Christ-honoring way without extremes, addictions, or deprivations. It is an individual picture that He will help us each create as we put it in His hands.

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