Long Day

Tonight I spent all night in the kitchen, first making a couple of messes then cleaning them up. The end result was supper and a big pile of chocolate chip cookies. Felt good to get some of that done…Jon was working all evening also so it was a good time to catch up. I got to talk to each of the girls. All in all, a productive night after a day at work. I didn’t get my walk in though…oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Thought for the day

Sleep….everything will look better tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Long Day

  1. ahhh…..sleep…..elusive sleep…. Emmy had a long night – she was up 3 or 4 times all together. Also she ended up puking after getting her ear drops – all the drainage from them down her throat and then chugging a huge amount of water. I’m thinking to bed early tonight and she is skipping Awana. Oh well. . . . .


  2. OOhhh…sorry you two had a rough night. How does she seem today? I don’t remember…is she taking an oral antibiotic as well as the drops, or just the drops? Don’t forget America’s Got Talent tonight!!!


  3. ummmmm. Chocolate chip cookies. I think this is the 2nd referance to your cookies…they must be pretty good! I however, have never eaten even one, so I could not attest. Maybe someday…… 😦Sleep is good….I love sleep…


  4. Kathy, you HAVE to eat one of the famous cookies. . . I can’t believe you haven’t had one yet!?!?!?!! 🙂 Emmy just has drops – a very unpleasant experience as the medicine runs down the back of her throat.


  5. Hi Tabs—we like ALL our girls 🙂And Kathy!!!! How has it been that I have never offered you a cookie? What a terrible hostess! I think the problem may be that after eating Mexican none of us are hungry enough to think cookies…but we will remedy this situation ASAP!!!


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