Psalm 77

Our entryway is textured and will soon be painted. Bruce will come back on Monday to start on the bathroom. Feels SO good to see some progress. I have a big change at work…our biggest account was bought out by another company. Working with them requires a lot more data entry than it did before. […]

Jon Heads Out

Here are some pix from last weekend…the boys ready to trick or treat as Thing 1 and Thing 2, some shots from Emmy’s early 5th birthday party, and a picture of her with Uncle Greg. Great fun!!!! I’m sure you’ve all heard about the heavy snow and high winds out in the Black Hills area, […]

Staying Focused

Hi there! Seems like I’m not getting things done this week or something. Weird. Didn’t even remember to check in here last night. Oh well, I ramble too much anyway 🙂 Hope you’re all having a good week. Pray for Kelli…her cold (?) is getting worse and she plans to go to dr tomorrow. Megan […]

Long Day

Tonight I spent all night in the kitchen, first making a couple of messes then cleaning them up. The end result was supper and a big pile of chocolate chip cookies. Felt good to get some of that done…Jon was working all evening also so it was a good time to catch up. I got […]

Back to the Grind

So how did we all do going back to the workweek? My day was busy and a little stressful. Had a couple of treats after work, though. Got a haircut (finally) and my daughter and two grandsons were here for almost two hours after that. She brought me a package of wonderful pictures we had […]