Back to the Grind

So how did we all do going back to the workweek? My day was busy and a little stressful. Had a couple of treats after work, though. Got a haircut (finally) and my daughter and two grandsons were here for almost two hours after that. She brought me a package of wonderful pictures we had done of our two grandsons and two granddaughters together all decked out in John Deere t-shirts. Of course they’re the most beautiful kids ever!!! Did I tell you I really love being a grandma?
It’s 20 degrees cooler today, and it feels wonderful outside this evening. I’m hoping all of you enjoy your shortened week and the approach of fall.

Thought for the day
You know how in Iowa we can get an ocassional stretch of cloudy days and not see the sun for a while? After about one day you hear people complain and say they wish the sun would shine. It always reminds me of the reality of God’s presence. We may not see the sun for days on end, but has it stopped shining? Of course not, but our view is obstructed by the clouds. In the same way, God has promised to always be with us, to never leave or forsake us. When we do not see or sense His presence and we look for Him and see nothing, is He any less with us? We can count on Him because of His promise even when we see and feel nothing. Whether the “clouds” blocking our view are circumstances, illness, exhaustion, apathy, conflict, or even sin, we can count on His word to be true—He loves us and is with us. Let’s count on Him and surrender it all to Him.

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