Are We Tired Yet?

Well, the week just gets crazier and crazier. This first week of each month is always very busy for me at work. Today that meant a ten hour day with laundry, groceries, and phone calls to follow. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. So when the extra stress comes and the questions that I can’t answer are asked, it’s hard to remember that Jesus lives in me and is equal to the task. I know I’m definitely not equal to it on my own, but the reality is that He does live in me and can face what I am facing. I am trying to learn how to depend on Him more in that way. How about you?

Thought for the day
Lord, life can be so relentless some days, and I feel l’m spinning my wheels. I want You to have Your way and live through me, yet so much time can go by before I have a chance to step back and consciously lay the moment before You.

I know your life, child, and the pace of your days. I do not only enter your life when you “have time” to deliberately acknowledge Me. I AM your life and am always present with you, and you can depend on Me, trusting that I am at work in your heart and circumstances even in the midst of your busyness. Give Me your day, your work, your heart, and all the messiness of stress and uncertainties. I am big enough to handle all of it and weave it all into the tapestry of your life. I waste nothing that is placed in My hands.

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