Some Weather

Okay it’s really Thursday, September 18, 2008…not sure why the post says yesterday…sorry. Hooray!! Our top five picks made the final five on America’s Got Talent. Okay, so we get excited about the simple stuff. It’s been a beautiful week–fall is always my favorite season, followed closely by spring. Today when I was home for lunch the trees in my back yard were dropping leaves like crazy. The leaves are only beginning to turn a little so I was surprised to see so many falling. Again, I get excited about the simple stuff. I love the overall change of seasons. I can’t imagine living somewhere that didn’t ever have both the highs and lows even though I don’t enjoy the most extreme cold or hot days, but I can stay out of those elements most of the time. I really enjoy the different skies we get here along with the changeable weather. I have a wonderful friend who has taught Bible studies for years who used to ask the question, “When we complain about the weather, who are we really complaining against?” Ouch. (Thanks, Nancy) It really does make you think about all the complaining we either do or hear about the weather. Almost any casual conversation with near strangers includes whether God has any idea what He’s doing in regard to the weather–isn’t He paying attention? Doesn’t He know? Wow, I guess that applies to lots of things besides weather–like everything. Complaining is a cancer of the soul that spreads and invades all that was healthy and whole. Lord, help me to resist every murmur and complaint that would rise from an ungrateful heart, for all murmuring comes from ingratitude.

Thought for the day
When I realize how many times a day I murmur or complain (at least in my heart) it makes me see how ungrateful I am. And worse, it’s usually a “little” thing that I let stick in my craw…something that’s not even important in the long run. Lord, help me keep my focus on Your goodness and grace.
Child, I know your heart…that you want to please Me, and that is the heart I see. Rest in My love and let Me fill your heart, and you will find that our fellowship will sweeten and soften all that comes into your life. If you will allow Me to rule in your heart, gratitude will be the outflow that will characterize your walk. This outflow will make you a blessing to the world around you and to My own heart. Start now.

6 thoughts on “Some Weather

  1. I liked them all. Not that that matters to anyone. But that’s okay, because every other opinion I have is held in high regards ’round the world. In case you didn’t know…tabs


  2. you and talked about this on the phone last night, remember..? And I always hold your opinions in high regard 🙂 But I didn’t know you would be checking in…so sorry


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