Too Late and Too Tired

Busy day at work and praise team practice tonight…Jon not home till 8:30 for supper. The day was fine, but a little too long and I’m a little too tired. We’re trying to make some plans for the weekend and start planning a weekend to go see Jon, Kelli, Bria, and Emmy. Have something in mind…now to get it cleared with others and see if it will work. Forgive me for a short post, but I’m about ready to crash.

Thought for the day

Go to bed!!!

4 thoughts on “Too Late and Too Tired

  1. Hope you got rested last night. I didnt get home until 9:30 and crashed too….I finally got a blog on this morning.. with some new pics…I am busy today. Whats up for the weekend? I dont know what you had in mind with your secretive little comment, but if they might include us, on Saturday…let me know…I would be up for some food and Apples to Apples game and you meeting our new renters!


  2. Hi Kathy…Jon is in the field a lot now so I can’t make plans for him too much. What we are trying to figure out is a trip north and Tabbi and I were thinking of taking the boys somewhere this weekend plus I need to get some stuff to Megan in Des Moines…crazy. We will get together soon, though!!Kelli–still working on pulling this together…need for Megan and your dad to figure out work..


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