Choosing What We Think

It’s Friday!!! It’s hectic at work, but the day goes fast. Jon just got home a little before 9:00 and is eating supper. I had some time to do some of my chores, but I didn’t seem to get that much done.

Tomorrow I need to go to Des Moines to take some stuff to Megan so Tabbi and the boys are going to go with me. After meeting up with Megan she will have to go to work at noon, and the rest of us will head to Blank Park Zoo for the afternoon. I’ve been there once before with Kelli’s family…Megan went with us that time. That day Bria got to ride on a camel with her mom. Do you remember, Bria?

I didn’t even go for a walk tonight with a zoo trip tomorrow…my foot and knees will catch up then. Hope to have some pix to post. Thought I had a picture of Bria on a camel, but I can’t locate it on my computer. If I do I’ll post it to share…What are you all doing to enjoy these great days of fall while they last.

Thought for the day

Choosing what we think is a CRUCIAL part of living life as the people we are meant to be. 2 Corinthians 10 says that our warfare is on a spiritual level, not on a human reasoning level. It refers to the weapons arrayed against us as speculations and lofty things, not flesh and blood, not people we may disagree with. More often the weapon pointed our way is far more subtle…the impatience with the neighbor who has different signs in their yard, the irritation with people who “can’t drive” or “don’t get it” or “are too slow”, an attitude of fear, pride, or rebellion in the smallest detail. This is why verse 5 instructs us to take “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ”. It takes just a moment to let the thought register and recognize whether it is obedience to Christ or not. It is a process and it takes time to develop this response, but it’s probably easier than we think. We need to see this, not as an effort or legal duty, but as an outflow of His own heart—He knows what obedience is, therefore we can know.

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