Okay, after Jon’s and my perfect texting exchange today I came home from work and put in the movie “‘Burbs”. Jon probably won’t get home till after it’s over, but I’m just watching it and laughing out loud.

“It came with the frame”
“This is Walter. NOoOoO!!!”
“I love this street.”
“I have your dog.”
“Bummer. Rain delay.”
“Art, your wife’s home and your house is on fire.” “My wife’s home?!?!”
“About a nine on the tension scale, Rube.”
“My brother, the doctor.”
“No, no you can’t leave now it’s the best part…I called the pizza dude!!”
“You cut your hair. I like it.”
“Do I look like an idiot Mr. Petersen? Do you take me for an imbecile?”
“Nobody knocks off and old man in my neighborhood and gets away with it.”
“Ricky, get this lamo outta your yard!”
“The kid next door’s a meatball.”
“I was 18 months in the bush, and I could snap your neck in a beartbeat.”
“There’s these people, and they’re in my parents house and they’re eating all their food.”
“That Ricky sure knows how to throw a party.”
“And that poor old man claims he has a ransom note that says you kidnapped his dog.”
“Can you blame them? They live next to people who break into their house and burn it down while they’re gone for the day!”
“I’ve been blown up. Take me to the hospital.”
“We’ve got the pizza dude coming.”
“Citizen’s arrest!! Citizen’s arrest!!”
“I want you to keep an eye on the neighborhood for me.”

Jon made it home in time to see the house blow up…even he laughed after a miserable day in the rain and mud. If you need a good laugh you’ve gotta watch “‘Burbs”.

Thought for the day

I don’t know…sometimes you just need to find a way to laugh….no matter what else is going on…gotta find a way to laugh. Sometimes that means finding something really lame and silly, doesn’t matter, as long as you can laugh. It’s really a life skill that you have to learn if it doesn’t come naturally. You have to be able to not take yourself too seriously and FIND A WAY TO LAUGH.

5 thoughts on “‘Burbs

  1. I really need to buy myself that movie . . . . . . it’s hard to beat! Thanks for the laugh! I should have pleasant dreams of the Burbs tonight now!


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