20th Century Perks

I’m working so hard tonight…doing laundry. Oh wait, I guess it just involves pushing some buttons now that I no longer have to carry the water and scrub the clothes on that board by hand. Yep, I’m washing clothes while sitting in the living room on my, oh never mind that. I may have to pull myself away to manage some drying issues…I may actually have to hang up some clothes. Tough night. I guess I’ll get through it.

I think real often about how glad I am to be born in this country in the last half of the 20th century…running water, electricity, paper products, toilet paper…great stuff. Adding cell phones and digital cameras makes it a great time to be alive.

Thought for the day

It’s okay to appreciate the luxuries we enjoy, but when we realize that these things have only been around a few years and only for a small part of the world population, we begin to see what is essential and Who really matters. It’s the basics of life—food, shelter, clothing—that are essential and not in the forms that we usually enjoy. And it is the eternal God that holds the foundations of the world and our lives in His hands. It is He Whom we must trust to keep the course and balance of our lives. We are here for a while then somewhere else for eternity…let’s not forget the part of that equation that is most important.

2 thoughts on “20th Century Perks

  1. There is snow in Nebraska today. 40’s here, lots of rain and wind. Feels really cold. Heat in the house is a very good thing. We really do have a lot to be thankful for.


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