It’s Monday Again

This may take me a little while since I’m watching “Chuck” at the same time. That’s okay…I’m a girl…I can multitask, I think. I went in to work about 10:30 this morning after an all night sinus headache. So I’ve stayed on drugs all day today…that’s right D-R-U-G-S. We’ll see what kind of google ads I get now!! 🙂 🙂 Hopefully tonight will be better. I need to track down a flu shot, too. Hy-Vee gives them at the pharmacy here, but only at certain times so I have to get informed. Hope all of you are getting your flu shots…it’s a crazy world out there.

Time out…Jon’s on his way home, have to get supper. Okay he’s eating. Jon’s birthday present arrived today—now we have to learn to run a new camera. Yippee!! This time he got one I can drop from 6.5′ Smart man.

Thought for the day

Not bad for a Monday…maybe because I slept in and went to work late. I should try that every Monday??!! It would be quite a luxury to be able to just put off everything for 2 hours when we want. We have to face the music and dive in and do the thing before us. He is always with us to live through us, to provide all we need for all that we face, to offer Himself to us and to those around us. He never lets us face the day alone, and He is never surprised by what comes our way. We need to trust Him more and to receive all things as from His hand. That is the only way we can give thanks in everything…is to know that everything that touches us has come through His hand of love.

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again

  1. Glad you’re feeling better mom. . . were you having sympathy pains for me or something?!?! Glad all is better. We are busy cleaning the floors in the living room tonight. Jon’s parents are planning on coming up this weekend, so we need to get it done now if we want clean floors for our flood of company in the next 2 weeks! We’ll have to watch Chuck tomorrow night – thank goodness for the DVR! I can’t wait to click on your ads!!!!


  2. I don’t think the ads will be too different even with the mention of DRUGS. How are you coming with the total on your ads?I always think of you when I have allergies or sinus headaches…sorry that I could never really understand what that was like. I still don’t get what you get. I hope you won’t get too stretched with so much company close together…we just all love you!!!


  3. It will all be good. This weekend I’m sure we will not be doing too much. We are going to hopefully go see a movie on Friday though – that was part of our original plan for the day when Jon and I both scheduled the day off.


  4. I’m at $124.07 We’re really close. Doesn’t look like my search thing is doing anything to speak of, but that’s ok. Kind of disappointed not to see any ads for drugs on my blog…


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