Megan Has Moved!!!

Do you remember how cold it was yesterday? I know today felt colder with the wind, but yesterday was cold. Fortunately, we had some good help both here and in Des Moines to move Megan into her apartment. I actually only had to be in charge of the door…and “ground level” can be a little […]

It’s Over–Yay!!!

Well, another election almost over…it’s about time. Perhaps now we can get back to the business of praying for our leaders (no matter who they are!!) and actually believing that God is in control and has His hand in the affairs of this world. It seems that many Christians have forgotten that and have been […]


My hooray for the day is our oldest granddaughter turns 8 years old today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIA!!!When I’m at home and in my element my perspective on things is positive. But I find that when I’m put under pressure I can quickly lose sight of all that seemed so clear at a better time. Is […]