It’s Over–Yay!!!

Well, another election almost over…it’s about time. Perhaps now we can get back to the business of praying for our leaders (no matter who they are!!) and actually believing that God is in control and has His hand in the affairs of this world. It seems that many Christians have forgotten that and have been living on nothing but fear these last weeks, and I don’t think that is what God would have us do. It’s been very hard to watch and that has been more discouraging to me than the campaigns themselves. I’m glad it’s over.

Thought for the day

Let’s trust our Lord for ALL the things that weigh on our hearts. Even where we see things differently, let’s trust that God is sorting it all out. He has His way and His time and His plan for the ages. He also has His way, His time, and His plan for each of our lives right down to the very smallest detail.

3 thoughts on “It’s Over–Yay!!!

  1. Luann…Im going to direct my blog readers to your blog today. I dont have the energy to write one again today…I know you are really busy at work, but if you get a minute tonight or something call me. I have something to tell you that happened on Monday afternoon.


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