Home Again

We are home again. Thank You, Jesus, again for another safe trip. The girls missed seeing their Aunt Megan but did enjoy hanging out with Uncle Greg. I think everyone had a good time…I know Jon and I did. We didn’t do a lot…a little running around…even playing outside. It was only about 10 degrees cooler there than here so a beautiful weekend. I hope to have some pictures to share later in the week. I don’t think I’ll get to that tonight.

Thanks, Jon and Kelli, for a great weekend. Thanks, Bria and Emmy, for all the fun and hugs. We love you all!!

Thought for the day

It was a beautiful fall day for a long drive and a great time to appreciate God’s creation. But I must admit I was distracted. I did take some time to read and reread some sections of one of my favorite books “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life”. It is a really corny title, I know, but it is one of the most helpful books I know for keeping focused on trusting Christ with everything…our past, our present, our future, our mistakes, our failures, our acheivements, our successes, our homes, our jobs, our finances, our health, our families, our communities, our churches, our whole world. Trust and surrender…surrender and trust. Part of trust is to really BELIEVE that intends to bless us and help us and see us through what we are facing…and HE WILL. Anyway, READ THE BOOK!!!

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