Megan Has Moved!!!

Do you remember how cold it was yesterday? I know today felt colder with the wind, but yesterday was cold. Fortunately, we had some good help both here and in Des Moines to move Megan into her apartment. I actually only had to be in charge of the door…and “ground level” can be a little deceiving…up probably 10 steps outside and down maybe 8 inside. She is in a nice 1 bedroom apartment at the end of the hall next to the laundry room and close to everything. It is only about 1 block to work, maybe a mile or mile and a half to her second job, with Target, Hy-vee, and a mall in between…so much for the long commute.
We will miss seeing her often, but we are very relieved to not have her on the road every day. Jon is taking calls for one of the other guys this weekend, and I might be heading to the city tomorrow for a short trip…don’t know yet for sure.

Thought for the day

How do we learn to care about the things God cares about? How do we get ourselves to step away from our own interests enough to see through God’s eyes? I think we don’t realize how small our whole world is in the scope of all that God is doing. I’m not laying a guilt trip on anyone. God understands what we’re made of and how we think. I think we would be encouraged if we could crawl into His skin and see through His eyes that He really does care about the smallest details of our lives. But we would maybe see them playing out on a bigger canvas and having more layers than we dreamed. I think we would be able to be more patient to see “results”, more willing to leave the end and the process in His hands and let Him work. How can we put this into practice?

2 thoughts on “Megan Has Moved!!!

  1. Im so glad Megan is getting settled. I know that takes a weight off a mama’s shoulders to know her little girl is in a safer place…have a great weekend and be careful if you go to the city. I must be becoming a real Iowan, as I am now calling Omaha the city…oh boy!


  2. See…we’re rubbing off on you!! As it turns out I won’t be going there today after all, which is just fine with me. Tabbi and boys will probably come this afternoon for a while so she can get groceries. I have to go to church for a little while to a bridal shower this morning then come home to do laundry and eventually some cleaning!! What are you doing this weekend?


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