Love Yourself

I really think you need a puppy….
This is Annie with Tru. She is a very mellow, sweet little pup and is a big hit. Talk to all your friends…pups are still available.
So what’s new with you? I’m still getting my head around this whole new year thing…Had one LITTLE slip at work today, but I did remember and stop myself from continuing my comment. Amazing how easily we slip back into a old behavior that we want to leave behind. I have been walking more regularly even though it’s short. My plan is to start slow and probably stay slow forever, but that’s better than not at all, right? Right? I have worked on my book a little since the first of the year, too.
Greg has had some good news…when all the paperwork gets processed there is a job waiting for him with his empolyer in Charlotte. This will help them get back on their feet and probably get Megan into an apartment in Des Moines. This will probably be the arrangement till the house sells, then they move on from there. Pray it happens soon. We’re very thankful for Greg’s healing progress and being able to go back to work. He is really excited to get back to a more normal existence.
Thought for the day
This getting older stuff isn’t so cool. The joints hurt. I move too slow. I’m too tired. But, truth be known , I wouldn’t want to go back and start over. One of the nicer changes is that you become more comfortable with yourself…you stop obsessing over what others think, you do less digging around in your own “stuff” and thinking that there’s something wrong with you. I believe that God has brought about these changes…they could have come at any age…but for me they have come with time and age. Don’t wait. Understand that God made you the way you are and loves you the way you are. Relax your view of yourself…be kinder to yourself…God loves you and if you don’t love you, you call God a liar.

2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Wow! She’s growing so fast! WHat a cutie! Bria wants one. . . . I think we have definitely decided that 1 puppy along with 10 kids is plenty in this house though! She is so stinking cute though! Cute boy too! 🙂


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