New Heart

Back to the work week…statements (again) and then catching up. It will take a few days. Jon is working for a while tonight as is Megan at her second job. Gives me time to get on the treadmill and make supper…or just sit here at the computer!! I’ve been catching up on some reading and assorted details with the end of the year, so I’m hopefully starting off 2009 with a cleaner slate. I did think of another thing I want to improve this year…or should I say repent from…that’s complaining (verbal or nonverbal) about anyone at work. Especially while I’m at work…it’s one thing to vent to Jon, but quite another to express frustration in any way at work.

Thought for the day

God promises that when we repent and give Him our lives that He will give us a new heart. He promises. So I believe Him. But I must say that the old habits, attitudes, and disposition sure have a way of hanging around and showing up often. I know that new heart is there, and it wants what Jesus wants. It is kind, patient, good, gentle, loving, peaceful, joyful, humble, self-controlled. I know it’s there. But it seems so much easier at times to just be “me”…without You. What I really want is for Jesus to live through me and to live according to the new heart He has given, but I have to CHOOSE it at every turn or what comes out is just “me”. Some days choosing is harder than others, but when I don’t choose His heart we all get stuck with “mine”. Sorry, you, no we, and He all deserve better. He died and rose again and, in Him, so have we. Let’s live according to our new hearts even when “we” don’t feel like it and see what He can do.

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