Is a Change Coming?

It’s been kind of a fun, lazy Saturday. This morning was rainy and dark with just a little thunder–YAY!!! I did get some laundry, errands, and cleaning done, but I also went to the library (we still have one…I almost forgot!) and got a new wallet. If you know me, and you do, you know that was a high spot of the day!!! I did a little writing, a little reading, but no ‘rithmetic! Jon was working most of the day one place or the other then back again. Hopefully, no more today!! The plan for the rest of the evening is some supper and TV (maybe squeeze in a little more reading, too). Hope you all have a great weekend!!
I’m feeling like a change may be in order…waiting for God to show the way and the time (and the destination would be helpful, too 🙂 ). I don’t want to get ahead of Him or miss what He has! Pray for me!!!

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