Many Little Pieces

A quiet evening home…chicken and veggies on the grill…TV (surprise!)…paying bills…putting away laundry…sympathy cards… It’s weird when you think about all the different little pieces of life that make up a day in our lives. This list didn’t include the working, picking up prescriptions, talking to all of my daughters, one son in law, and one grandson. I gave a hug to a friend at the post office this morning, prayed, read, did sudoku puzzles, connected with a few people on facebook, by texting, and now on a blog. If you add them all up an ordinary day includes a lot of different layers. I (we) need to see the eternal value of operating by the Spirit of God in all these layers. I don’t think that means being “out there somewhere” but rather staying in a vital relationship moment by moment with Christ that keeps us in an attitude of servanthood, humility, and dependence. I (we) don’t need to “try” to do things in a “spiritual way”, I (we) just live dependent on Christ and trust that He is being Himself through me (us). I’m not claiming that I live up to that, but when I list all the things in my day (or yours) they take on greater dimension and I see more possibilities and the slow unfolding of a tapestry that is being designed by God with or without my (or your) understanding. Again each of us is back to trusting that He is up to something and fulfilling His purposes in our lives.
I guess that’s my thought for the day!

2 thoughts on “Many Little Pieces

  1. I like your thoughts! Very insightful! Thanks for your help last night – I hope you got a little bit of sleep… 🙂


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