Party Pix

I had to share a few pix from Mom’s 90th birthday. That’s all 9 great grandchildren around here on te second picture. The third and fourth pictures are with her 6 grandchildren. Megan yelled funny faces and her sisters and cousins left her to be the only one looking silly in the third picture. The last one is a nice pose of Megan with Emmy at the restaurant. Mom had a really nice time, and the only one that couldn’t get there was Greg in NC. But Greg had some good news, too. A couple looked at their house Friday and came back on Sunday…already financed with no house to sell. They seem to really like the house, so PRAY AGAIN!!
We’re watching the end of the super bowl…our one game a year that we actually watch. A few really good commercials as always…the nice thing is it’s over before it gets really late. And it’s over…an almost game for Kurt Warner. I will still sleep just fine…at least as far as the game goes.
Thought for the day
We really appreciated all the grandkids efforts to come to the party. It was a nice tribute to my mom. Thanks, everybody!!!!

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