Melt Our Hearts, Lord

It’s Saturday!! Last night we kept Tre and Tru overnight so Tabbi could work today. Trever is a little better but a long way from “well” yet. He’s had a really tough virus! Jon’s pain level is down, and he’s been able to cut down on his pain medication…good news! He still didn’t sleep well last night…hoping he’ll have a better night tonight. My friend that had a double lung transplant is doing SO well. She’ll be leaving the hospital Monday or Tuesday, but will need to keep living in the area for I think 3 months to be monitored by her doctors. It is such a privilege to see God answer prayer! I’m really enjoying my “Wednesday night girls” group. I will be learning so much from these ladies about gratitude, contentment, and grace. Their lives testify to God’s mercy and power and grace in very extreme circumstances…they are a blessing!

Thought for the day

He who is forgiven much, loves much. I am seeing first hand how those whose lives have been ravaged by sin, hopelessness, mistreatment, and difficult circumstances are lifted by the grace of God into a level of peace, contentment, and gratitude that shames the rest of us. We “in the church” are SO comfortable and spoiled that we quibble, pout, and argue over nothing. We whine and complain about the slightest challenge or inconvenience and expect God to answer when we snap our fingers. What happened to waking up in the morning thanking God that He has seen fit to love us and send His Son to die for our sins? When was the last time that that truth alone brought us joy? Then, in addition, He has given us so many blessings. Have we thanked Him lately…this week…today? I’m not pointing a finger at others without pointing it at myself. Let us allow God to melt our hearts again with the wonder of His love and grace.

2 thoughts on “Melt Our Hearts, Lord

  1. Gosh, I'm pretty sure you were pointing right at me. We take so much for granted & leave God completely out of the mix all too often… Thanks for the wake up call Honey.


  2. Hi LuAnn, I hope you got my last post, if not this one should work. Thank you again for calling to check on me when I was down. I look so foward to every Weds. and for getting the chance to share the love of Christ with you all. I'm also so thankful that others that are seeking are joining us and what a blessing it is to have you there to show us how to live a new life in Christ. Much love to you my sister! Love Rose


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