This week is going differently than we planned. We were going to leave on Friday for Grand Forks, but Jon took a detour to the ER in the afternoon. He fell climbing into the bucket on the truck and hit the ground about 14 feet later. Now, a few days later, we know that he has several breaks in the right wrist and arm, a fractured right scapula, a cut above his right eye, and a very sensitive spot in his rib cage. The doctor will decide next week whether he needs an MRI to check for a rotor cuff tear. It’s hard to see him hurting and not be able to do anything to relieve his pain. We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes…keep praying.

Thought for the day

God is good…it’s almost impossible that the doctor could have set so many fractures in the hand and wrist without surgery. We’re so grateful for that!

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