Thanksgiving for 2014

I normally follow a pattern of reading my Bible that divides it into 5 sections: history, poetry, prophecy, NT history, and epistles.  If I’m trying to get through it in a year that means reading 2 chapters of history, one of poetry, one of prophecy, and one of either NT history or epistles five days a week for 50 weeks.  That’s the rough idea, though some sections are finished a little early and I may have to read a little extra of another.
For 2014 I’ve felt led to pick a theme instead, thanksgiving.  I’ve used a Bible search site to track down verses that have the words thank, thanks, thanksgiving, thankfully, grateful, gratefully, gratitude (did I miss any?) in various translations that I like to use.  Now I’m working my way through them in Biblical order, and I’m really liking the system.  I read the context, usually the full chapter, that contains the verse from my list so what God speaks to my heart isn’t always directly about the chosen theme.  I like that it isn’t confining in that way.

I suspect that I will finish the theme before the year end and move to another…but I’m not sure.  I plan on doing some outside reading along the same lines, also.

If any of you care to join me or have any questions, please let me know!  I can email you my list of references or whatever you need.

I’ve seen others picking a word or theme for the year, as well.  How about you?  It’s not too late to start!  What will you choose?

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