Meet Zoe

Meet Zoe, a chocolate and tan miniature schnauzer. She came to live with us on January 28, 2017 at 9 weeks old.

Wow, what a change at our house!  After being without a dog for five years, we now have Zoe.  She has definitely changed up the routine around here.  This first picture was taken the day we brought her home, but she is growing fast.  She will end up somewhere between 12 and 15 pounds probably and about 13-14 inches high at the shoulder…so we’re told.

She seems super smart and loves to play and cuddle.  Most of the time she is entirely in one or the other of those two modes.  There isn’t much space in between.  Her favorite game is playing fetch.  She immediately would chase a ball, and after about a week just started bringing it back and giving it to us without us trying to teach her at all.

The last time we housetrained a puppy I was 7-8 months pregnant, it was winter, and we were living in a second story apartment, and there was no fence.  I move slower now, but the trip is much easier!

You may see us here or there with her, we plan on getting her out a lot and making sure she’s social.  She’s met Tabbi’s and Megan’s families and loves the attention, so I don’t think social will be a problem.  We’ll get her over to Kelli’s in a couple of weeks or so and she will get to meet them and their Bailey, too.

Wish us luck!  We’ll see what we two old dogs can learn from a puppy!  God always has a way of using the things and people around me to teach me, so we’ll see what He has in store!  First lesson, naps are good!!!!!!!

Zoe napping with her teddy bear


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