It is good to be done with the workweek, and we have the extra treat of having our youngest daughter and her husband here for the weekend. It’s still cooler than normal here, and today we had some rain–some great clouds, too. Tonight we are watching “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory”–a little creepy but you’ve got to love Johnny Depp. I think my favorite Johnny Depp movie is still “Benny and Joon”. It’s an old movie and the first time I think I ever saw Johnny Depp, but a great movie. Best lines–“You’re out of your tree.” “It isn’t my tree.” You’ve got to see it sometime.

Thought for the day
Back to TGIF–I completely relate to celebrating the arrival of the weekend, but I can’t seriously say “thank God it’s Friday” without realizing that we must also include TGIS, TGIM, TGIT, TGIW, TGIT, and TGIS. Duh!! Every day is a gift from God and an opportunity to walk with Him, fellowship with Him, and know the miracle of His love and provision AGAIN. We have got to get over this idea that only what feels good to us is good by definition. The truth is that God does all things well, and an element of our faith is to choose to receive all things from His hand as His gift and with thanksgiving.

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