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Hi everyone. I’m going to try to include a picture of out daughter’s new puppy. What a cutie. Their other dog loves the puppy, and their two duaghters are thrilled. Doesn’t quite give me the bug for a new puppy, though. We got to go shooting again today and our youngest daughter went with. She hasn’t shot in a while and did a great job. Cool and a light rain off and on today. Great nap weather.
Thought for the day
Did you go to church today? How was it? We had a presentation by a missions group. I think it’s always very difficult to translate that experience to other people who weren’t there. How do we share with others what God has done in our life? There is probably no more effective witness for Christ than someone’s honest story and struggle. It’s hard for me to be that open in most settings, but at other times it’s easy. I don’t know if that’s God’s timing or my hangups, but we are where we are. I do know that it should be easier to share the greatest part of my life than it is. I know He deserves my best. What a relief that our relationship with God depends on His grace, not our performance.

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