Season Premiere Week

Okay, apparently I’m at least a little bit of a tv junkie. I think it became that way while recovering from my back surgery 2 1/2 years ago followed my the stress fracture in my foot the following year and needing to stay off my foot. I’m not getting some other things done this week because of the season openers of some favorite shows. It seems there is at least one every night, and tomorrow night is America’s Got Talent again. So many important things!! Maybe next week I’ll get more walks in…Apparently my good intentions are sidetracked pretty easily. Any suggestions to keep me focused?

Thought for the day
Seems like I eventually manage to work myself back to the old grind of performing for God. Here I am feeling like I’m not “doing well” because I’m not keeping up with my good intentions (i.e. walking). It’s hard to find a balance between following through with a plan and performing for points on the goodness scale. We already flunked that test…just read the Ten Commandments. If we are honest with ourselves we’ve broken every one at least in thought–each one of us has done that. But Christ took our sins on Himself and paid the price…death. In accepting what He has done for me and trusting that instead of trying to “be good enough” myself, I am received into His life and eternity. Even knowing that, after salvation, we turn and try to pay back what He has done for us. CAN’T BE DONE!!! STOP IT!!! He means for us to walk with Him in fellowship and joy and just let Him live through us. We’re the ones who make it complicated.

3 thoughts on “Season Premiere Week

  1. Ahhh. . . I’m right there with you! Although we watched Heroes last night. . . and it’s just gotten so whacked out that I think we may give up on that one.


  2. I watched the Mentalist last night. I liked it! Simon Baker is very good. The supporting cast was alittle weak, but it may turn out ok.Im tired after a long day, but managed to get my blog done…Love ya!


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