Grandmas Beware

This is a public service announcement–don’t let this happen to you. All grandmas should be on the alert. This is what can happen when your 6 year old grandson wants to take pictures with your camera and then tells you to turn around. This ugly incident was followed by lots of giggling and tickling. Thanks, Tre!!! There is also a picture of the culprit included, so if you see this boy with camera in hand DO NOT TURN AROUND!!!!

America’s Got Talent finals were tonight. I really have enjoyed these finalists, but tonight one performance blew all the others out of the water. I’m betting on Nuttin’ But Stringz for the title next week.

Thought for the day

I’m thinking about the way we live this Christian life. The fact that we refer to it as the “Christian life” shows that we are looking at it wrong. It’s not a separate entity from the rest of our life, but it is at the root of every part of our life. I’m still working at finding the words to describe what I’m finding to be true. We try to do what a good Christian would do thinking that we are doing our duty. We keep hitting a wall and finding ourselves unable to keep up the show. We are sincere but taking the backward approach. Our good “works” are not the MEANS to becoming a godly person, they are the RESULT of already being what God says we are. God has redeemed us and declared us righteous. We are vessels of Himself. We died in Him and rose to a new life as a new creature. None of this “feels” true, but He asks us to believe that truth is what He says, not what we feel. We must begin to count on the reality of His truth and let His truth RESULT in a changed life. This is a process, takes time, but it is a life lived moment by moment in fellowship with Him and letting Him make the changes in His time and in His way. He is more pleased by our dependence and fellowship than by good works cranked out by our flesh trying to do better.

10 thoughts on “Grandmas Beware

  1. This post is too cute….what a hoot! Took a LOT of guts even posting it! haha! I voted for Nuttin but Strings and think they will win too! I love your thought of the day too…so, so true!


  2. Hi Kathy!! I was just about to delete the picture from the camera when I decided it could be fun. Thanks for your comment—hope you have a great day ahead. Talk to you soon.


  3. I can’t check out the rest of your blog because I didn’t get to watch America’s Got Talent last night – I’ll watch it this morning quick. But I LOVE Tre’s picture! That is hilarious! Excellent entry!


  4. Wow. What kind of rotten mother would raise such a stinker? Oh wait. I mean, … never mind. I laughed out loud at work. Several times.tabs


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