Giving Back

Well, yesterday was so much fun I have no idea how to follow up. That’s what happens when you set the bar too high…the pressure, the pressure. It was sure fun though. And thanks, Bria, for liking my post.!!

So who’s ready for the weekend besides me? I get to do something fun on Saturday, but I’ll wait to talk about that till then. For now I’m just looking forward to it. Tonight I have to tape CSI while we watch ER. Wow, keeping up with the new season is a challenge!!

Tonight I’m really thankful. I heard from my daughter today about an extended relative from the other family who is very ill. Young man in his thirties (I think) who is now unemployed, uninsured, living far from family, and needing a liver transplant that he probably won’t get and will die without. We all face challenges every day that can seem overwhelming, but I tell you what–we’re all doing just fine. To listen to the news one would think we’re on the brink of disaster…we’re not. We keep going to work, be thankful for our jobs, our homes, our families, our health, and the blessings we experience every day.

Thought for the day

Lord, You give us so much that we take for granted. We’ve come to believe that our luxuries are actually our needs, and we’ve been spoiled in many ways. Help us to not hold so tightly and to be willing to share out of all that You have blessed us with–whether it’s our time, our belongings, our love, our support, our forgiveness, our patience, our encouragement, a kind word, a soft answer, a human touch, a tight hug. You’ve poured out Your life and blood for us, help us do some portion of that for others.

5 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. I really liked your thought for the day today. What a great prayer. I was talking to someone yesterday about how we take our luxuries as needs today and she didnt agree, saying we NEED our cell phone….no we dont…we went without them for nearly all of our lives. They are indeed a luxury, but not a necessity. A nice-ity? yes…I dont think we know how to “do without”…those that lived thru the depression could tell us, but we hopefully wont have to experience it. It is during those times tho that we press to Someone Who can help. Our strong tower of strength, Jesus…


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