Talented Kids

I have such talented grandchildren!!! Just today I’ve seen outdoor pictures taken by 4 year old Emmy and 6 year old Tre sang me 2 songs on the phone—all in 1 day!! Bria, age 8, has an incredible capacity to learn and retain information. At age 3 she could tell you all about a huge range of dinosaurs including names I couldn’t pronounce. Tru, age 4, rides his bike like a pro. And each one individually has the capacity to just melt Jon’s and my hearts. I can’t help but brag, so since you logged on by choice I won’t even apologize.

I hope you are all blessed with people you love….make sure you hug them tight.

Thought for the day

It’s amazing to me that God delights in us JUST AS MUCH as I delight in my husband, kids, and grandkids. It’s easier to think of His love as lofty, holy, more “above”. It is those things, but He also DELIGHTS in us…that sounds much warmer, more personal, and just more enjoyable to me. Kelli, I bet even He laughs when the milk comes out the nose!! šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Talented Kids

  1. I don’t know what’s up with the Far Side…will play with it but I’m not too optimistic. Don’t know if I can handle expecting a new Far Side every day and not getting it!!! Sometimes it’s better to lower expectations….Kelli, if He’s not laughing at the milk, He’s got to be laughing at how hard the rest of us are laughing!!! See what you provide!!!


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