Vacation Book

Kelli made a book of pictures from our vacation in the Black Hills this summer. She found a site online where she designs her own book by picking a layout for each page and uploading the text and pictures the way she wants. You can then pick a cover and they print the book the way you ordered it….very cool. She did a great job of putting together the whole trip into an album. I took the book to work today and even among a group of men it was a big hit. They were properly impressed. It really is a wonderful keepsake….THANKS, KELLI!!!

Sorry, don’t know why my Far Side doesn’t come up every day…frustrating!!

Thought for the day

Wow, I don’t think I have a “thought”. I hope God still loves me even if I’m not feeling too “deep” or thoughtful. I mean, I’m just enjoying my evening, doing laundry, made a good supper, watching Jon sleep in his chair, playing on my computer, changing some decorations for fall, called Greg and Megan to wish them a happy 4th anniversary, just hanging out. What do you think, does He still love me? Hey, maybe I do have a pretty good thought after all.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Book

  1. Love your thought for the day…..its a great one….sometimes its easy to forget to remember that he doesnt forget to remember us no matter what…we’re ok! Love ya!


  2. You know if Kelli’s book didn’t have pictures, it wouldn’t be much of a hit… (at work I mean)Anyway. Talk to you later! I’m going to Missouri Valley to help with flu clinic today, but I’ll be back in the office this afternoon. Not that I’m expecting to drop by to see me. ?Tabbi


  3. I did notice that the guys didn’t take time to read much text—probably too tough for them šŸ™‚Kelli—GET BETTER!!Tabbi—hope you had fun at the clinic, but I probably won’t be stopping in at your office today…maybe tomorrow…oh, wait…


  4. Hi KathyHow are you and what are you up to today…you’ve always got something going!!! Just home for lunch so gotta keep to you later


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