Christmas Decorating

Okay, it’s done!! The tree is up, the houses are out, and I finally found the advent candle I KNEW was in the hall closet. Jon got outside lights up yesterday. After years of fighting strings of lights that don’t keep working he bought some LED lights this year hoping they’ll work longer…we’ll see. Most of the decorating was done yesterday, then we had to go to my work Christmas party. We went out to eat at Danish Inn in Elk Horn (very good food) then back to Howard and Tara’s house for games and snacks. It’s the first chance I’ve had to see their house addition and it is beautiful!! It was a very nice evening. Today Tabbi and the boys came for church and helped decorate the tree. After going to BK for lunch we did get to take the boys to Hy-Vee to see Santa making a special appearance for pictures. Megan and Greg are safely in Charlotte, so praying they have a restorative week.

Thought for the day

It definitely does feel more like Christmas now that the decorating is done. Now to think about cards, wrapping, and so on. After finishing the decorating I realized that tomorrow it will be 4 years since my dad went home for good. Because of Alzheimer’s we lost him gradually and in so many ways it really was only his body that was left by December 8, but it was a relief to see him go and know that he would be whole again, more whole than he had ever been. I knew that he would be laughing again and that someday we would laugh together again. Love you, Dad!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. of course this post made me cry….I miss my dad too. This will be my first Christmas without him. Tomorrow’s blog will tell a fun story from yesterday…has to do with my daddy…So good to know they are there waiting for their little girls, huh? No more pain and suffering…maybe they are listening to Rush together! 🙂


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