Christmas Program

Kelli shared this picture on her blog today, too. I think it is everyone’s favorite of my parents. Bria was 2 days old and we took my parents to see them the day they came home. He was beginning to forget more and repeat himself alot, but as you can see, he could laugh really well. Some Alzheimer’s patients become harsh and mean; we were blessed that he didn’t do that. He had some difficult times if he had to go to the hospital and would get afraid, but in his usual environment he enjoyed joking around almost as long as he could communicate. We had a special treat tonight…we got to go to Tre’s first school program Christmas concert. It was very nice and he did a great job. We got to see him afterwards for a little while and we walked out to the parking lot together. It was getting icy underfoot, and if you know me well you know I don’t do well walking on ice. I had hold of both boys’ hands and soon Tre said something about holding his hand and I answered, “I’m holding your hand”. We repeated the conversation then he finally said, “No, you’re hurting my hand.” Poor little guy…I didn’t realize I was squeezing his hand to hold me up!!

Thought for the day

We have a way of hanging on to whatever is closest when we feel we may fall…even if it’s a 6 year old. That’s another good reason to make sure that the one we are staying closest to is God in the ordinary, routine days of our lives so that when there is an occasion when we may get tripped up and we reach out, it’s Him we are hanging on to. The world offers many substitutes, even good things, that we can use for support and a helping hand, but even if we take advantage of some of these things we must keep them in perspective and remember that every issue or challenge is ultimately a spiritual matter at some level and our truest help and answer is Christ.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Program

  1. Luanne..I love this picture of your parents! They just look so happy! How nice and what good memories…I laughed out loud about your little grandson and your hand hold episode! That was hilarious! Some day he will really be holding you up, so you better be nice to him! haha! Have a great day. Like Larry always says…”Make it a Masterpiece!”


  2. Hey Dad and Mom – thanks for making it over in the yucky weather to see Tre’s concert. He was so proud of himself. And he knew he looked handsome. I agree with him. Thanks again. I’m sure Grandpa was watching too!Tabbi


  3. Yes I need to be good to all these kids…they will be in charge of me someday!! Tabbi, thanks for the invitation and we had a great time. Tre should be proud and was extremely handsome. Love the way he smiles so big with no front teeth. 🙂 I know Dad would have enjoyed the way he had to check out all his surroundings between songs…much like a carpenter would do! Hope to download pix tonight and I’ll email you and Jeanyce and probably put some on here too.


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