Loving and Serving

Went to see the movie “Fireproof” tonight…pretty good. Megan called today…somewhere in Albemarle a truck hit a pole and they had about a 3 second power outage that fried their computer and wii. They’re in contact with their insurance company to get things handled. I said something about it at least not being another car accident and she said well, it was another person in North Carolina that couldn’t drive and caused them damage even when sitting in their house. Crazy. Tomorrow we go to the city for the day. I have a bone density scan and the van has an appointment at the shop. I’m sure we’ll have time to kill…I have just a LITTLE Christmas shopping to finish and a couple of things to check on, but mostly it may be some free time. I’m good with free time. I hope all of you have a great day and stay safe.

Thought for the day

There is no substitute for finding ways to serve and support one another when it comes to relationships. Love is a choice and is demonstrated, not by words, but by actions. We tend to see only whether we are being loved and served rather than to find more ways to do the loving and serving. It isn’t possible to love in this way in our own strength, but only by first receiving what God offers to us. The world cannot understand or love in this way…not possible. But we who are His can live a life of love as we receive what we need from Him instead of expecting it from others.

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