It’s Friday again!! We went out to eat tonight with the group that Jon helps with harvest. Good food and good company. My plan for tomorrow is to put on some Christmas music and bake, bake, bake. Hopefully I’ll get to print up my letters also so I can mail them soon. I’m really looking forward to it!! I’m sure that it will take at least some of Sunday to do all that I need to…it’s all good.
We got some really good news today…Greg’s dr appt included a repeat of a test that measures the nerve response in each arm on the specific injured nerve. The last time he had some reading in the left arm and zero in the right. Today they were both equal showing a little delay. He still has pain and more kinds of healing to do, but this was incredibly good news surprising even the doctor. He was released to go back to work and his company wants him to return next week!! That means he’ll be staying in NC for now, but is all very good news for them in the big picture. Thank You, Jesus, for answering prayer

Thought for the day

God is faithful. God is faithful. God is faithful. Sometimes we have to wait, and wait, and wait, but He is faithful, He is faithful, He is faithful. Keep praying, keep praying, keep praying…no matter whether you are seeing any progress or not. And did I mention that He is faithful?

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