Ring Tones

Hey, it’s the weekend!!!! How are all of you doing? I was home today except for a grocery run. Jon was out on call this morning for a while and worked on dyes this afternoon, but was home most of the day. We found a website for new ringtones called phonezoo.com We’ve been playing with that today. They are supposed to be free…maybe a data charge for downloading? Makes me a little nervous, but we found some fun stuff. I’m done going to physical therapy, so far not seeing much change other than actually being sorer…I think I’ll have to ease up on the exercises and go a little slower…it’s hard to imagine SLOWER!!
I hope tomorrow to work on something more fun than laundry, cleaning, and catching up bookwork…we’ll see. Pastor Steve Peterson is preaching here tomorrow, so that should be a treat. Stay warm, everyone, and safe and well!!!

Thought for the day

I find it more challenging to stay positive and cheerful when I hurt, especially when there is nothing to distract me from the pain. Not that I’m in great pain, but when my mind is idle it feels worse. It’s not a big deal, but it makes me realize that I need to be more patient with other people who are grumpy or just less than happy…maybe they’re in pain, and maybe for a long time. Help me, Lord, to depend on You more and overcome wallowing in my aches and pains.

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