We got more snow this morning…another 4 inches…with more coming tonight. It really came down pretty though, no wind, just pretty. It was cold and sunny all day. We had a nice weekend…friends from Walnut came to Harlan Friday night and we went out to Casa de Oro for supper. Afterwards we came back to our house and watched “Eagle Eye”. It’s a really good movie and I would recommend it, though not for littler kids. Thanks, Larry and Kathy, for a really fun evening!! We value your friendship very much.

Today we went to the early service at church and Steve Peterson preached a really good message about grace and how it changes our lives. We played with some more ring tones for a while. Jon went out on one short call, and we watched some TV…nothing too exciting. Kelli is finally feeling better again…hooray!!! Another couple looked at Greg and Megan’s house yesterday and are VERY interested…PRAY FOR A SALE!!!

Nothing big happening this week for us…hope it’s a great week for all of you!!

Thought for the day

How do we know what effect our lives have? There is no way to measure the ripple effect outward and over time of even the most simple life lived in trusting obedience. Someone sees, someone observes the smallest kindness, the cheerful bearing of some circumstance, the patient response in a difficult moment and they can be forever changed. They begin to believe that there is a difference…not everyone is the same…and there must be a reason. Could that reason be a relationship with God? Is there a way for them to be changed? Is there a God who would care? Could the God that their grandpa or grandma trusted be interested in them as well? Let’s be faithful in the smallest of things and treat nothing as small or trivial whether anyone sees it or not. God does the most incredible things when we put just a few fish and loaves into His hand.

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