Bowls and Culture

Just to prove what a nut I am about kitchen stuff, these are pictures of my new bowls that I’m so excited about (the small white one in front is just for size comparison). I found them in a catalog called “Country Store” and when they arrived the burgundy one had a huge chip out of the rim. I called the catalog and they said they would send out a new set…and I should keep the ones I have!! I insisted I only need one, but eight more are on the way. How fun!!
On to other things…I find I’m having a hard time getting past the Christian “culture” that seems to have invaded “Christianity” in this country. I love music, but much of the music seems to be empty. I love to read, but it seems that as soon as a certain topic sells well in the book market every author rushes onto the band wagon with their version of this new word from God. There is a very narrow “approved” political view, “favorite” teachers, speakers, talk radio hosts, even news networks. If you attend an evangelical type church it as assumed that you are “in the know” and a part of this culture. It sits so wrong in my spirit…not that the view is “wrong”, but the assumption that we are all on the same page. People stand up in church and share their victories…fine, but how do people share when they have failed morally or financially? How do they let others know that their grown child is in prison or has committed suicide? How do they share that even though they have prayed perhaps even more faithfully than “the successful parent” their child has not come to the Lord and doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing so? Do we allow failure and hardship, illness and death, sin and sorrow to be embraced as part of our journey and another opportunity to know God? How does this present culture fit with a God who is eternal, always patient, full of lovingkindness and completely familiar with suffering, pain, loneliness, rejection, violation, and death? He draws near to the broken hearted, heals the sick, redeems the lost, forgives the sinful, keeps the universe in place, and calls each star by name…where is He in all of this?
I’m probably rambling, but I’d like to hear your feedback…I guess you already got my Thought for the Day!!

4 thoughts on “Bowls and Culture

  1. Good thoughts mom – Something to think about. And by the way, do you have an adult child in prison? Cuz I know it’s not me. I don’t know if prisoners get internet rights. If they don’t then it has to be Megan, cuz I don’t see her posting here… šŸ™‚tabbi


  2. Nope, I talked to Megan this noon and she was definitely not in prison!! They got the written offer on the house and will counter tonight (the buyers are expecting a counter) but everyone is close enough they should settle on a deal quickly!!! YAY!!!


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