Response to Culture

Megan and Greg are in process…offer, counter, wait…things look very promising though , and we are VERY HOPEFUL!!! Jon is working late tonight. We had some high winds last night and one of the banks in town lost part of a roof. He is helping tonight to get it tarped and covered.

Thought for the day

Going back to yesterday’s post…how do we respond to this present Christian culture? My tendency is to withdraw from the scene, the culture. I avoid conversations that will lead down this assuming path; I do not share myself with very many people. Part of the reason I withdraw is I don’t want to disillusion anyone or poison their view, but I would love to get their attention and shake the status quo encouraging them to seek the REAL, PERSONAL God and to know Him in a way that the culture can never achieve for them. So how does that work? I’m sure there must be a better response than to withdraw. How do you see it?

2 thoughts on “Response to Culture

  1. I think you should forego Christian culture to the extreme and live like Jesus (just be sure to wear your Jesus Freak t-shirt every day)Just kidding!tabbi


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