Don’t Stop Now!!

I finally get to sit down tonight. Most evenings are a little quieter, but tonight I baked cookies, did laundry, and paid bills. Megan leaves in the morning before the snow hits and is very excited to see Greg. They can hopefully put the finishing touches on the house sale and get ready to get completely relocated to IOWA!!!!!!

Best wishes to Tre as he recovers from the stomach virus (don’t call it the flu!)
To Bria, Emmy, Tre, and Tru…have great Valentine parties tomorrow!!!!!

Thought for the day

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for Greg and Megan during these last months of transition. It looks like we are seeing the end in sight, but don’t stop now. It’s been along haul for them this last year with much uncertainty, but even when it seemed it would never end God was working out a perfect plan with perfect timing. Thanks, God!!!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Now!!

  1. I think Tre had fun at his party. For the time I could be there, they played a game where each kid went up to every classmate and asked Will You Be My Valentine? and the other kid would have to say no without laughing. super cute. especially the boy who didn’t quite get the game and very sweetly said yes to all the girls… 🙂


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