It’s Friday!! We have a tax appt tomorrow morning, and Tabbi and the boys will be over here for a while tomorrow, too. On Sunday Pastor Murdoch will be preaching here and he and Nancy will be coming over here for dinner. We’re very excited to see them again and have a chance to visit. I wish I could just sit with them and learn and ask questions till I ran out of topics (like that would happen!). That means tomorrow I need to clean and make some preps.

Thought for the day

Did you, or do you, have a mentor? Who was or is it? For both of us it’s Doc and Nancy. There have been others who also meant a lot and taught us, but they have been the ones who have contributed the most for the longest time and still stay involved. They remember our family and what is going on in their lives…always sending their love to them as well. They are some of the easiest people in the world to visit with…not “over spiritual” or pushy…they actually like you and care about you. Tell me about yours and how what can we learn from these people that will make us mentors in someone else’s life? The cool thing about mentors is there is always someone to learn from and always someone we can help along the way.

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