The weekend…it was great. We got to have Tabbi and the boys here for a little while on Saturday, then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for today’s dinner. We got to hear Doc preach at church on lordship and being filled with the Holy Spirit (yes, at fbc!). What a treat!!! After the second service he and Nancy came to the house for dinner along with Dallas and Larry. We visited till about 2:30. They are both so wise that you can just start them with a question and sit and listen, soaking it all up. They are such a blessing.

Thought for the day

We talked today a lot about prayer and how we are united to Christ as He prays. He is praying for us right now, and because we are one with Him He is able to give us His prayer burden (a part of His “prayer list”) and we join with Him in the same prayer. How cool is that? The adventure can start today for you…joining with Him in praying for the needs He has put on our hearts. Get going!!!

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