Some Inspiration

I’m starting preps for the weekend…making lists, more lists, and a pile or two. We’re excited to go!! America’s Got Talent is on again tonight…YAY!!! It even got nice enough outside to go for a short walk tonight. I’m needing some inspiration…some good reading will probably do. It must be time to dig through the […]

Drier Times

The week starts again. When I got up this morning at 6:00 it was pouring rain, and I was sure it would be freezing temperature…but it was about 34 degrees and never did freeze. After church we came home and I took a nice long nap. Later I tackled a big pile of mending and […]


The weekend…it was great. We got to have Tabbi and the boys here for a little while on Saturday, then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for today’s dinner. We got to hear Doc preach at church on lordship and being filled with the Holy Spirit (yes, at fbc!). What a treat!!! […]