IS ANYONE OUT THERE??????? Okay, Kelli’s computer is down; Tabbi hasn’t been in the office; Megan doesn’t have easy access; Kathy’s been out of town. It feels a little creepy out here in cyberspace all by myself. I MISS YOU ALL!!!! I’m feeling a little neglected 😦 Okay, I’m done whining.

I hope all of you are off to a great week and it just gets better and better. I’m trying to establish a new pattern—getting my stretching and walking in after work while Jon is usually not home anyway, supper a little earlier, and hopefully to bed a little earlier. I have to do something different…I’m too young to not feel better!! I should get my glasses hopefully tomorrow, and I see the dentist, too. You all must be really tired of hearing about this stuff…maybe I should go now.

Thought for the day

Community is very important…even when it’s a small one. I’m creeped out by no blog contact and that’s not even face to face. I guess we really do need each other. No wonder isolation is not a good thing. I hope you all find ways to “network”, to have community, to fellowship, to communicate, to talk to someone. Yes, our relationship with God is the MOST important, but He created us for each other, too. Just do it!!

3 thoughts on “IS ANYONE OUT THERE????

  1. OK. Im back.. its been horrible being so far away from my friends, family and my computer…I know what you mean by community and now it includes technology!Florida was wonderful. Im so far behind now, I dont know if I will ever get caught up….frozen with overwhelming tasks…..yahhhhhh! But Im home, the kitties are happy, Larry is happy, Kaden is happy! IM HAPPY!


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