More Moving Soon

Tonight I went to praise team practice…substituting on Sunday for one of the other people. It’s amazing how quickly your voice gets weaker when you haven’t been putting in the extra singing time. I better get things warmed up again before Sunday.
In other good news, Megan can transfer to a two bedroom apartment!! We’ll probably go move her on Saturday, then she will be set up and ready when Greg and all their stuff gets here from North Carolina. The only down side is we have to go up to the third floor…but a good friend is coming with to help (thanks again, Brad)! Thank You, Jesus, for putting things into place for Greg and Megan after such a long wait…Your timing is perfect, as always.
I’m still waiting for my glasses to come in….surely tomorrow, right? I’m looking forward to having my glasses right where I need them…on my face!! I hope I look really cool, too!!! 🙂 🙂

Thought for the day

I’m not able to think about much on a deeper level without it hinging on prayer. I’m still reading “The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer” bit by bit, and it is a powerful encouragement and call to prayer. God limits Himself to our praying in many ways and invites us into the privilege of being a part of His will is in regard to the issues we know or touch. Doc talked with us Sunday, too, about being one with Christ as we pray because He is also always praying. What an amazing thought…sharing His “prayer list”. Anyway, pray and don’t ever give up praying.

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